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    2. IICRC Continuing Education Credits

    1. Quick Overview of How Air Movers and Dehumidifiers Work

    2. Types of Air Movers and How They Work

    1. Air Mover Calculation Sheet

    2. Calculating How Many Air Movers are Needed

    3. Air Mover Sizing Exercises

    1. Overview of Dehumidifiers

    2. Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

    3. Desiccant Dehumidifiers

    1. Dehumidifier Calculation Sheet

    2. Calculating How Many Dehumidifiers are Needed

    3. Dehumidifier Sizing Exercises

    4. Balanced Drying

    5. Apps to Help You Calculate Equipment & Psychrometric Properties

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    2. How To Print Your Certificate

    3. Receiving IICRC CECs

    4. IICRC CECs Quiz

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No previous knowledge is needed for this self-paced course, however, an understanding of psychrometry will be beneficial.

Other Info: You will have 180 days to complete the course before your course access runs out.

IICRC Continuing Education Credits: Upon completion of this self-paced course, you will receive 2 IICRC CECs. To apply these CECs to your IICRC account, you must send your certificate of completion to the IICRC.

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